The Greats

Back in October, my younger sister was working on a Day of the Dead project for her Spanish class. She had to make an ofrenda for someone in the family who had passed away so she chose our dad’s grandfather who passed away when I was in middle school because, thankfully, we don’t have that many options. Since I live near our grandparents, who are the keepers of family history, I was asked to bring some photos for the project to my parent’s house.
How could I pass up this perfect opportunity to digitally preserve such amazing photos? I am not that strong! My dad hadn’t even seen some of these photos before!

I think my favorite part of these photos is that Brian gave me Great Grandma Harriet’s engagement and wedding rings when we got married. If you look closely at their wedding photo, you can just see them shining on her left hand. They still look good almost 85 years later!

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