A good start for a New Year

I’ve never made New Year’s resolutions. Like the practice of giving up something for Lent, it was never something my family did so I never thought it important. Enter all the talk about most people giving up on their resolutions before February, I figured it would be a waste of time. Instead of making resolutions, I am going to make goals. Very specific and obtainable goals to use to measure growth this coming year.

1. I am going to spend more quality time with my husband. Sometimes that is hard with his work schedule but if one of us is able to put down the book/phone/laptop, it is going to be me this year.

2. I will take better care of my house and yard. Being a homeowner is a TON of work, most of which is rewarding, so I will concentrate on beautifying the place we call home… even the nasty lawn.

3. I will finish sewing projects that are currently sitting in the craft room partially completed. I have a shirt for Brian, a stack of mending, several garments for reenacting, and housewares all on my to do list. Maybe this will help me to clean out the craft room closet?

4. I will work on decorating the front room in our house. It’s the first thing people see when they walk in our front door and it bothers me that it is still so chaotic. I want to be inspired, save my pennies, find furniture, paint, hang art and make that room one we can comfortably spent time in with friends. Today, I will work on a mood board.

5. I will take care of myself. I will work when I need to so I can enjoy my time off. I will take action against he health concerns that I have (yoga for headaches?), learn new skills, strive to be purposeful and learn to appreciate the woman God has made me.

6. Ending with a 5 point list would be too easy so #6 is to pay off at least 2 loans this year. We have done a lot of talking about this and believe the car loans will be the first to go. Paying off 1 student loan this past year felt so good. Not having car payments every month will be close to miraculous.

How about you? Did you make resolutions or goals for this new year? Are they obtainable?

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