Disney Countdown 2010: 1.5 days

We are leaving for a short (probably too short) vacation to Walt Disney World in 1.5 days.

1.5 days!

We haven’t been since our honeymoon 2 1/2 years ago and it’s been killing us. We love it so much we’ve joked about naming our firstborn son Walter after Sir Disney himself.

Have we packed yet? No, of course not! Well, I can’t say that we haven’t packed anything because there are definitely things in the suitcases.

Contents of my suitcase 1.5 days: swim suit, water bottle, traveling purse, motion sickness drugs, lotion, sunblock, park tickets, Disney gift cards, flight confirmation numbers.

Contents of Brian’s suitcase: swim suit.

My goal for this trip is to take twice as many photos as on our honeymoon. I didn’t have my camera on that trip since it got itself lost in the parking lot of our reception site after the rehearsal and didn’t show up until after we got home from Florida. I want to be able to make a photo book or something to remember this by.

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