Pantry Challenge Day 22

I had a pantry fail and a meltdown all at the same time this week. I anticipated the failure from the start but I was hoping we’d be able to hold out until February (selfish, I know). There are a few items that I never stock up on because they are either rarely on sale or they take so long for us to use up that things would be sitting around the house for a long time.

I’m almost out of the lotion I use in the winter to keep my skin from cracking (Eucerin), face moisturizer, and Brian’s leave-in conditioner. The Eucerin I bought last fall/winter at Costco for $15 for two 14 oz bottles. That’s a steal since most stores carry the 14 oz bottles for around $12. Brian’s leave-in conditioner I can only get at Target and when that brand (Garnier) is on sale, it is usually for $2.99 for all styling products but that is the normal price!

My meltdown was caused by a certain store *coughmeijercough* no longer carrying the kind of face moisturizer I’ve used for years. It really didn’t warrent an all out moody fit but it happened. I’m proud to say I didn’t get upset with the store employees, just myself. It was enough to keep me home that night even though I had plans to go out.

Lesson Learned: Sometimes planning ahead doesn’t work. We’re still really close to our goal of spending only $25 on groceries this month!

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