We’re trying to do this new thing called Sabbath. Actually, it’s not new at all but our family has been out of practice for a long time.

Sunday we will do nothing we consider work: no computer work for Brian, house cleaning or major errand running for me.

Sunday we will do everything we consider restful and fun: naps, cook and eat a good meal, read, play games, watch movies, craft, be outside, just sitting.

This is our second Sunday in a row of rest and it has quickly become our favorite day of the week. I know that I am personally more motivated to do a ton of work in Saturday if I know that I have the entire next day to do all the fun things I normally put off. I get stuck in a rut of bit wanting to do work but in trying to avoid it, I don’t even get to enjoy my fun hobbies. This is changing and I like it.

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